Justice For William Desmond. LET HIM GO!

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William Desmond is a 57 year old Disabled Veteran.

Bill has been in jail for over 10 months without a complete trial.

On 3/15/14 Jacksonville Florida Police went to Williams home on a well person check.

Bill came to the door and told police he was fine. Police wanted Bill to come with them. Bill asked if they had a warrant. They did not and he refused to go with them.

That should have been the end of it, Police had NO warrant they had no reason to be there once they saw Bill was fine..

Instead Bill was held hostage in his home for 18 hours.

Police cut his power, cutting his communication with the outside world.

Police flooded his home with light and made loud noises all night to drive him out.

After 17 hours, instead of turning the power back on,  police punched a hole in Bills trailer to throw a phone in.

Then they tossed tear gas in knowing he was on oxygen.

Unable to breathe, Bill came out and dropped to his knees.

Swat then demands Bill stand up and walk forward....he could not.


Then they surrounded him and shot him many times with rubber bullets. Bill drops on his side where Police crept forward and taze him.


Bill spent 4 days in the hospital recovering and has been in jail ever since.

His income has been cut yet the Judge has refused him indigent status 3 times.


Bills first trial ended in a dead lock. His second trial was to start Monday.... the Judge postponed it for 2 months!

Where are Williams rights?

Please watch Williams Brutal Arrest on UTUBE, and write Angela Corey. Ask her to let William Desmond go!

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