Revise the educational qualification criteria to contest for the IISJ managing committee

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Your Excellency,

In a circular received from international Indian School Jeddah, where my 2 kids are studying (Circular No. IISJ/PR/2018-19/57 Dated Nov 18.) , Under the Section Candidate's Eligibility clause (d), it is mentioned that "the Candidate shall be a holder of Master's Degree or a Bachelor's degree awarded after pursing a 5-year degree program such as MBBS, etc.,"

Bachelor degrees in India last from three to five years. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Science degrees typically take three years to complete, while Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Pharmaceuticals and Bachelor of Technology programs last four years and Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Medicine or a Bachelor of Surgery last five years. That means most of the accredited professional degrees completes in 3-4 years.

A qualified graduate have all the qualities and transferable skills necessary for the tasks that requires systematic approach , management and also the complex decision making capabilities

In IISJ , we have thousands of graduates and even professionals like me, as parents of Indian School, working in various reputed companies, as key members of their organizational structure including general managers.

I am confident that,graduate degree holders can actively participate in the development of Indian School in our academic excellence programs, infrastructure development decisions, strategic and action plan development processes.

Therefore, I hereby request you help us to change the decision of Eligibility criteria on educational qualification and to include the 3-5 year Graduate/professional Degree holders in the management committee for the benefit of the School and community.

Thank you