#PushItOut - Honesty in Maternity Advertising

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Maternity brands attach fake foam bumps on models to sell their pregnancy clothing instead of using pregnant models.

Real bumps come in all different shapes and sizes, rather than celebrating this, the retail sector aren't aware of the pressure women feel under to look a certain way while their bodies are undergoing enormous physical transformation.

Pregnant women have considered dieting and for others it has caused anxiety and depression. Pregnancy can be a confusing and stressful time, the least we can do is give these women a break from the constant expectation that they must look a certain way to be considered acceptable. 

I’m campaigning for brands who use fake bumps on their models to state this as a disclaimer on their websites. Shoppers want transparency, and it is important that the bodies of real women are represented across the retail sector. 

Being a model myself and having endured and conquered an eating disorder, I feel this is a very serious subject to talk about.  I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I do not look like these models.  The clothes I buy off them do not look like the same clothes you see on the models.  

Let's #PushItOut