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Indian Railways - why charge full fare for a RAC seat?

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Every single day thousands of railway passengers are forced to travel on RAC  accommodation. If the RAC status (reservation against cancellation) does not get confirmed it entitles you to just half a berth and you travel seated. That means 2 passengers share a berth for the night of travel.

The case for argument is that the fare for a RAC reservation is the same as that for a confirmed reservation for a full berth. Which in effect means that the railways get double the revenue when 2 passengers have to share a berth. This is a revenue generating mechanism and despite charging full fare if the railways cannot guarantee a reserved berth, it is not justified.

For the hapless passenger, (a) there is loss of dignity when a male and a female passenger have to share a berth ; (b) railway does not provide for 2 bed rolls in the AC class for RAC seats ; (c) RAC seats are the side berths where the two seated passengers have to shae luggage space below the lower berth, alongwith the reserved upper berth passenger. The space is just not sufficient.

Indian Railways, you have made tons of money on this account. Having charged full fare , it is the passengers right to get a confirmed reservation. In case the RAC tickets are not confirmed, a 50% refund of the fare should be made within 7-10 days post the trip directly to the passengers account. Alternatively the RAC practice should be stopped altogether, and only confirmed waitlisted seats upto chart preparation should be accomodated.

Should there be any further seats due to last minute cancellations (between chart preparation and departure), those can be sold on spot at the station.

Indian railways , you owe this change to the long suffering passengers !!



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