Say 'YES' to change Queensland's weak 'Puppy Farm' legislation

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No bitch deserves a life that restricts them to being kept enclosed for the sole purpose of breeding puppies for sale. Dogs are social animals thriving on human contact, developing their unique personality and sharing life with their owners. This cannot be the case in breeding facilities where welfare must be compromised for the pursuit of profit. What is the justification for a current application for proposed kennels for 100 breeding dogs? Surely this must be stopped before the breeding situation gets out-of-hand. The legislation must change!  

In Queensland, the legislation relating to the breeding of puppies and 'Puppy Farms' is not working. The introduction of the BIN (Breeder Identification Number) to curtail irresponsible breeding of puppies has failed. The BIN, in its present form, is just a number and acts to 'legitimise' unrestricted breeding of puppies for profit. There is no limit to the number of bitches kept for breeding or the number of puppies produced. The Mandatory Animal Welfare Standards which are intended to control or regulate breeding practices are not enforced and no-one accepts responsibility for their enforcement.

This petition, therefore, requests the House to review and amend the current legislation such as: 
(1) A breeder, or breeding facility, can have one and only one BIN which is attached to a limited number of breeding bitches (maximum of 10) (as in the current Victorian legislation); and
(2) Mandatory Standards are enforced with those responsible for enforcement nominated in the legislation and held accountable.

There is no point in having Mandatory Standards when they are not checked regularly for compliance. All of the Standards must be met and shown to be met. In particular, standards S2 (complete, accurate records) and S3 (health, fitness for, and frequency of breeding) are critical to the welfare of breeding dogs (Queensland Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Breeding Dogs and their Progeny Qld - Govt 2018).

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