Save the Barmah Heritage Brumbies from being shot!

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Parks Victoria are planning on SHOOTING dead the Barmah Heritage Brumbies that have lived in the 77,000 acre Barmah National Park and Barmah Forest for over 180 years.

These horses carry the bloodline that built our irrigation channels and towns, they are a part of Australia's Heritage. Recent DNA testing has identified the Barmah Heritage Brumbies as unique and confirm they are their own breed. They are being wrongly blamed for destruction of the park, it is only since the area has been intentionally flooded have problems within the park occurred.

Parks Victoria flip flop on the numbers of horses located in the 77,000 acre area with figures ranging from 400 - 700. Local preservation groups estimate the real numbers only to be 100 averaging 1 horse for every 7,700 acres. 

The Barmah Heritage Brumbies are being used as a distraction from the true cause of the parks decline, [the Moira grass]. Parks Victoria chief executive Mathew Jackson and conservationist scientist Mark Norman openly admitted the major damage to the forest came from the unseasonable environmental flooding NOT the horses.

Removing the Barmah Heritage Brumbies will NOT dramatically improve the situation of the Moira grass. These horses have been there for over 180 years and all was well until man made flooding was introduced.

Last year as a result of Parks Victoria, the Barmah Brumbies via deliberate flooding to the area were forced into less than 10% of the area resulting in a lack of food for the horses.  The community intervened, raising money and feeding the horses. Now Parks Victoria want to SHOOT, re-home (which often results in horses ending up as pet food) and ensure the horses have access to bait (resulting in slow agonizing deaths) to eradicate them.

The public have shown what can be achieved when last year volunteers rallied and raised money to feed the Barmah Heritage Brumbies bringing them back from the brink of death, and now these HERITAGE horses need our help again.

The Barmah Heritage Brumbies are decedents from the ANZACS, are depicted in indigenous drawings and deserve to be treated with the respect they have earned.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to support saving the Barmah Heritage Brumbies and we will deliver it to the Hon Liliana D'Ambrosio (Minister for Environment). One moment of your time can help save these beautiful horses.

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