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STOP The Detonation of Explosive Waste & ?Explosive Testing @ Karara, QLD.

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We are requesting the reversal of the recent approval by Southern Downs Regional Council of an open air Explosive Disposal (and potentially a Testing) site (called Explosive Facility) at Warahgai Road (Cunningham Highway) Karara, Queensland 4352


  • This area is known habitat for Koalas, Quolls, Regent Honey Eaters, Swift Parrots and other vulnerable and endangered wildlife.
  • The Explosive Facility is to be sited on good farming land.
  • The Explosive facility does not complement the rural zoning nor does it complement nearby farming activities.
  • The facility negatively impacts on nearby farms.

The Explosive Facility has the potential, due to planned regular blasting (up to 1000 kg per blast day), to contaminate soil, air and water (due to run-off into nearby essential river systems and possible water tank contamination). This water is used as drinking water for humans and also by stock and native wildlife to drink.

The Explosive Facility is located immediately adjacent to a council identified Bushfire Hazard area. Blast residue will enter this area due to the sheer size of the planned blasts and the close location of the blast zone to property boundaries and the Bushfire Hazard areas.

A near by farm runs stress free range pigs - pigs are known to be upset by loud sudden noises. This farm also runs animal therapy for special needs children and return service persons suffering from PTSD.  Blasting is not compatible with Animal/Farm therapy and this essential therapy has to be put on hold until this decision is overturned.

 The Explosive Facility is located immediately adjacent to council identified and government mapped Significant Conservation Areas. Blast effects and residue will affect these important habitat areas due again to the size of the planned blasts and the close location of the blast zone to property boundaries and the Significant Conservation Areas.

  • No scientific testing information was completed.
  • No baseline data was collected prior to recent trial blasting.
  • No Indigenous Culture Study was undertaken

Without clean soil, water and air we are unable to farm.
We have a responsibility to ensure there are future farmlands (and food and fibre) for the coming generations.
Without farms we are unable to feed Queenslanders and Australians.

By Signing this petition you request that this decision is over turned thus ensuring clean, water, soil and air for future generations. While also helping to conserve the habitat of vulnerable and critically endangered Native Australian Flora and Fauna.

Thankyou from the current custodians of the land and from our future farmers.


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