Dear Armed Forces: You helped protect us from floods. Now help us protect 3 million trees.

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As a result of Ontario's PC government deciding not to transplant more than 3 million nursery trees in favour of investing $5b in public transportation, these trees will have to be destroyed. Yet, the new Made-in-Ontario Environmental Plan specifically advocates "planting trees" as "environmental stewardship" and recognizes trees "reduce and store greenhouse gases as trees capture and store carbon dioxide".

Clearly, Ontario's "Sustainable Forest Management" isn't sustainable!  Conceding only that "invasive species like the emerald ash borer are killing our trees" while recently budgeting only $69.8m to fight forest fires after spending $212m in 2018-2019 betrays an appalling ignorance of climate change feedback mechanisms. Storm-damaged, dead, or diseased trees present thinner, thus hotter, thus drier forests which only increase the risk of devastating wildfires that even Ontario experienced last year.  What suggests to anyone this is not the new norm?  Not only do thinned-out or fire-ravaged forests suffer erosion which further inhibits regrowth, but even average winter snowpack (2017) melts faster in spring, leading to unprecedented spring flooding. Had March not been so cool, flooding could've been even worse. 

Sandbagging does nothing to prevent climate change, it only addresses the results.  More than ever, we need to plant, not destroy the lungs of our planet. I hereby urge John Yakabuski, Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to partner with Canada's Armed Forces, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and environmentally-conscious Ontarians to transplant these 3 million trees as a step toward mitigating the risk of yet more devastating forest fires and flooding, fulfilling Canada's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, and inspiring citizens of Canada and the rest of the world that defending our nations' natural habitats should be our  highest defence priority in peacetime.