Hon Greg Hunt MP : Change Australia's Organ Donation System to Presumed Consent (Opt Out)

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Our class at Heathfield High School is currently undertaking a project to raise awareness regarding the organ donation system in Australia.

Australia is currently ranked 20th in the world in terms of organ donation. An opt-out system would greatly increase the number of donations, and thereby increase the amount of lives saved. Countries with opt-out systems have close to a 99% donation rate, whereas less than 60% of Australian families give consent for organ/tissue transplants to proceed, and only 5.5% of the Australian population has actually registered to be an organ donor.

Recent international studies have demonstrated that implementation of an opt out system of organ procurement would increase donation rates by 50 per cent.

Please sign our petition to encourage the Australian government to review the current system of organ donation in Australia, and potentially save the lives of thousands of people awaiting organ transplant.

While you're at it, why not ensure your intent to donate is made clear by joining the donor register today: https://donatelife.gov.au/register-donor-today

Thanks for your support!

Class 8.5
Heathfield High School