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Scaremongering about chicken necks

Dr Tom Lonsdale
Sydney, Australia

Feb 9, 2018 — Just a brief comment about the controversy surrounding the University of Melbourne research linking ‘chicken necks’ with Acute Polyradiculoneuritis (APN), a rare disease of dogs.

The investigators on the project, say the cause of APN in dogs has baffled the veterinary community for a long time.

They say: ‘In our clinic alone we see around 30 cases per year and around three in ten cases would not recover.’

Australian Broadcasting Corporation News carried the story:…/raw-chicken-necks-linked-to…/9399562

The key points mentioned are:
• University of Melbourne study warns against feeding dogs raw chicken meat, especially necks
• Consumption of raw meat increases chances of catching polyradiculoneuritis, or APN
• Researchers find link with small dogs, which are more likely to eat chicken necks

However, I think we need to keep things in perspective.

The vets I speak to have NEVER knowingly seen a case in all their years of practice. Here at Bligh Park Pet Health Centre we feed ALL of our hospital patients either on chicken or quail. Our clients from a wide area buy lots of chicken from supermarkets and pet food outlets. We sell 2 tonnes of chicken a month.

We have NEVER seen a case of APN in our clinic.

However, again, we need to keep in mind that correlations have been made between the presence of Campylobacter bacteria and APN.

Unfortunately Campylobacter is a regular contaminant of factory farmed poultry – whether for animal or human consumption. Some people and animals suffer gastro-intestinal upset as a result. However the bug is often a harmless resident in the gut.

Despite all the uproar, we must conclude that APN is rare and still the full explanation is wanting.

What we can say with utmost certainty is that junk food fed animals suffering life long torture on a junk food diet suffer numerous mild, moderate and severe bouts of ill health.

We also know that the Australian vet schools are in cahoots with the mass junk pet food industry. Unless and until the vet schools cease their cruel, fraudulent association with the junk pet food makers, then we must necessarily distrust any so-called research coming from those vet schools.

Our advice to pet owners is to be ever vigilant and to feed as close to the natural diet as possible. That’s whole carcasses complete with fur, fins and feathers or next best large, large lumps of raw meaty bones. That way animals gain the best medicinal effects by stimulating brain chemicals and digestive system and most importantly keep teeth and gums in tip-top good health.

Yes, chicken is some of the best food and medicine available for your pets.

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Tom Lonsdale, Veterinarian

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