Legal action against Anjana Om Kashyap

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Anjana Om Kashyap is a journalist who, as per her own broadcast, recently barged into an Paediatric Intensive Care Unit to blame the overworked doctor on duty for the number of beds available (an administrative issue) and for the 'delay' in detailed evaluation of a patient just shifted in (as per her ?medical expertise?). She not only grossly violated an intensive unit's aseptic precautions (may be responsible for subsequent infections in that ICU and the death of many children), she actively posed as an obstruction to emergency health assistance (?culpable homicide), created a considerable ruckus in a ward full of encephalitis patients sensitive to light and sound (these stimuli are also known triggers of seizures), and was verbally abusive to a professional on duty. We welcome all lawyers who can help with the finer points, and all humans to share this.