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Remove the ban from screening of "India's Daughter".

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India being a democratic country, offers every citizen, his/her freedom of speech as a fundamental right. By screening the much criticized documentary by Leslee Udwin, we are actually giving voice to thousands of those unheard people. They may be rapists, they may be rape victims. We don't know until we watch the documentary. So, I appeal to the Honourable Home Minister of India, that instead of banning this documentary, please let it be free in the public domain for people to watch and decide for themselves. The allegations put on the filmmaker must be re-investigated, as she has claimed that she had taken all the necessary permission, as told in this interview:

India is a progressing country. India is changing, for good. However, there still exist many beliefs and views that impediment the growth of  our country. Disrespect of women is one of them. And it exists in almost every household of India. We do not say it every time, but we face it and we feel it. This, in its extreme forms has led to molestation and rape. It may be happening in all corners of the world and also with not just women, but in this particular case, I want to highlight the case of Indian women. We have been asking these questions for too long now - why do rapes happen. There have been many explanations. So why not hear from the rapist himself? Maybe this could give us a clue on how to train our kids in future.

By allowing this documentary to be screened, we will actually demonstrate that we as a country are modern enough to openly talk about rape and respect of humans. And we may have a solution to offer for people around the globe.



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