Male Rape, time to break the silence.

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Male rape, fact or fiction? Have you ever tried to find stats regarding male rape? If you have you might think there is no such thing as the stats are so low or non-existent.

I live in Queensland and I am victim of male rape. Within Queensland there is very little dedicated support available to victims.

This needs to change! Male rape happens, and we need to remove the stigma that is attached to this violent, abhorrent crime and provide male rape victims with kindness, respect and the empathy and understanding that they deserve.

It is estimated that 336,000 Australian men (1 in 25 males) have experienced a sexual assault since the age of 15 (ABS 2013). Until recently there was no legal category for male rape within the legal system. Up until 1997 Queensland legislation defined rape as an act between a man and a woman exclusively.

I call on the Queensland Government to recognise this crime and provide funding to support services that are dedicated to supporting the victims of this crime. It is time to break the silence.