Keep Marriage Definition in the Cayman Islands to remain between one man and one woman

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I, the undersigned petitioner and registered elector of the Cayman Islands, direct the Cayman Islands Government to put the marriage definition matter to a people-initiated referendum vote prior to December, 2019 or as soon as practicable to vote on the question as to whether those registered as electors in the Cayman Islands give their consent to re-affirm the Marriage Law (2010 Revision) and the Cayman Islands Constitution Order (2009) Section 14 marriage definition to remain between one man and one woman.

By the Cayman Islands Constitution Order (2009) (hereinafter referred to as the "Constitution"), this People-initiated Petition shall have the effect and purpose of complying with the provisions of Section 70 People-initiated referendums of the said Constitution, with the express intention of presenting it to the Cabinet of the Cayman Islands Government to hold a referendum on the matter set out above.

WHEREAS it is agreed that the role of the judiciary is to interpret the laws of the country in a way that is compatible to our Constitution;

WHEREAS the Constitution states that the Cayman Islands is, first and foremost, a territory of Christian values;

WHEREAS the undersigned registered elector does not agree that the judiciary should have the power to annihilate the legislative power of making and amending laws as I, an elector, have elected my politician to make and amend.

BE IT THEREFORE, by my signature herein as the said petitioner, I hereby understand, acknowledge and agree that this People-initiated Petition shall be used and presented for such purpose and I hereby give my full consent to such use and presentation.