Help Khendall get Follow Your Heart vegan options on Carrabba’s menu in all locations.

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Please help PETA’S Cutest Vegan Kid Winner of 2017 Khendall get more vegan options available. More and more people are changing to plant based diets. Carrabba's has no vegan cheese options available. My son Khendall has been doing a Vegan Night once a month with Follow Your Heart vegan company at River City Carrabba's in Jacksonville Florida since June 7, 2017. Families travel 30-60 min to join the vegan dinner. Many people are asking him to have vegan Night at Carrabba's in many different states. Khendall is only 7 so he cannot possibly make that happen. Vegans also like to eat awesome vegan food more than once a month. Khendall has made it possible to save many animals by serving over 550 vegan entrées in just 10 vegan nights. The shelf life of FYH CHEESE is 6 months. Is would not spoil quickly. With Carrabba's adding just one vegan cheese, then it would give many vegan options such as pizza, spaghetti, salad etc.... Mellow Mushroom added and it's time for Carrabba's to get on board. Vegans want to eat. We are asking Carrabba's to please add Follow Your Heart cheese to the menu. Facebook Khendall aka Lilbear 
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