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Benjie Gudza has been detained by the Home Office as part of a repatriation deal with the Zimbabwean government. 

He was living happily in Barnsley with his family; his mum and siblings are British citizens and Benjie himself has lived in the UK for NINETEEN YEARS

He was detained on Monday 11th February at a Home Office appointment and regards in Morton Hall. He has spoken from detention about the stress he is under, and the utter devastation he is experiencing at the prospect of being removed from his home of 19 years back to the place he fled. 

Benjie is NOT a statistic or a pawn in a deal; what the Home Office are doing is WRONG and their actions must be halted. Sign this petition and share widely. 

Benjie is detained along with Victor Mujakachi and Khuzani Ndlovu, two other South Yorkshire locals detained in the same manner. Do not allow this to go unnoticed. We must fight for Benjie's freedom. 

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