Ban the sale of deadly knives

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This petition calls on Home Secretary Sajid Javid to review legislation regarding the sale of knives, swords, machetes and other weapons in the United Kingdom.

The country is in the grip of an unprecedented violent crime epidemic and yet it remains simple - and legal - to buy brutal weapons from high street shops. 

The Express & Star was able to buy a zombie knife-style 'long-reach' machete with a 17-inch blade and a serrated edge for just £13.90 from a city-centre shop.

This horrific blade is pictured above.

It is identical to a zombie knife, but is not banned by the Government as it does not include any images or words suggesting it could be used for violence.

'Ninja' swords are also classed as legal despite having a razor sharp 19-inch flat blade.

Such blades are responsible for the deaths of countless loved ones across the country and are regularly seized by police, yet remain freely available to buy on UK streets.

It's time for this to change - sign our petition now and call for action.