Stop Hate Speech Preacher Franklin Graham's Visa to UK

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Stop Hate Speech Preacher Franklin Graham's Visa to UK

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Nina Parker started this petition to Home Secretary Amber Rudd (Home Secretary)

Franklin Graham engages in hate speech against minorities. He is due to speak in the UK, in Blackpool, in Sept 2018.

Franklin Graham supports a ban on all Muslims from entering the United Statesi while advocating that Muslims already in living in the United States should be interned.ii

He has stated that “Islam is ISIS,” “a violent religion,” “wicked and evil.”iii These words wrongly implicate ordinary Muslims in supporting terrorist atrocities and fuel hatred. His remarks about Islam being a ‘very violent’ religion echo the statements made years earlier in 2010 when the U.S. Army then withdrew an invitation for him to speak at a Pentagon prayer event in July 2010.iv The Army feared Graham would fuel tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims.v

He says that refugees (of any religion) fleeing ISIS in the Middle East should not be offered sanctuary in the United This has alarmed aid workers working with desperate people fleeing for their lives in these regions.

Franklin Graham has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is right”vii in his crackdown against LGBT rights in his country where gay people are subject to severe human rights abuses.viii Atrocities and executions of gay people continue to go on in the Russian republic of Chechyna with no intervention from the Russian authorities.

Franklin Graham has stated that gay children and gay people are dangerous and should not be allowed into churches or Christian homes.ix

Unlike his father, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham engages in outspoken bigotry targeting refugees, Muslims and LGBT people. His father promoted unity and respect in communities but Franklin Graham’s extreme views promote prejudice and division.

Evangelical leaders in Norway are engaged in protests about his invitation to their country.x In Vancouver 60 Christian leaders publicly expressed their objections to him preaching in their city.xi BBC Radio 4 has broadcast a feature about the controversy surrounding his invitation to Blackpool in 2018.xii

Speech likely to promote prejudice and hatred is grounds for the government to refuse a visa. Help us stop this man getting a visa to come here to spread his hatred.

x Radio 4 Sunday 2nd July 7.20am





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This petition had 8,343 supporters

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