Stop the deportation of Yew Fook Sam

Stop the deportation of Yew Fook Sam

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Yew Fook Sam, known as Sam, from Liverpool Meresyside has had his request for asylum rejected by the Home Office and fears he will now be detained and deported.

Sam's asylum claim and subsequent appeals has been rejected by the Home Office because they don't believe him to be gay - claiming that he can't be gay because he doesn't have a partner.  Sam is originally from Malaysia where sexual acts between people of the same sex are illegal with penalties of whipping and up to 20 years imprisonment. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not included in constitutional equality clauses which makes LGBT+ people vulnerable to blackmail as well as physical and verbal abuse.  Sam is so concerned about being deported to Malaysia that he has expressed the desire that he would kill himself rather than return.

Sam's story is an example of how the Home Office and the courts do not understand the experience of LGBT+ people living under oppressive regimes.  To protect Sam from imprisonment and persecution which he would face back in Malaysia, we are calling on the Home Office to grant his asylum in the UK.

Sam has lived here in Liverpool since 2017 and joined the St Bride's Church Community and our Open Table LGBT+ community in Spring of 2017.  Sam has become a well loved member of the community and in spite of his ongoing health conditions is always offering his help particularly in the kitchen.  Sam has also been a volunteer at the Liverpool Pride festival and offers his support and wisdom to new refugees.

Deporting Sam to a place where he will face homophobia and imprisonment is unjust and needs to be stopped.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.  Please sign this petition to help keep Sam here in the UK.