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Reza is currently in Kabul... but its not to late to bring him home! (@CarolineNokes)

D K Thomas
Salisbury, ENG, United Kingdom

Jan 23, 2018 — Thank you to everyone for your positive response to our urgent request for Emails, Phonecalls, Tweets and Posts… We spoke to Reza today, in Kabul (he is obviously very distressed), but this is what happened yesterday and what we are asking you to do next…

11:24am - Legal Aid was granted for Reza’s case; the act of which demonstrates “Merit for Judicial Review”.

11:50am - Reza was told to pack up his meagre belongings (which other than the clothes he was wearing when he was arrested, was the carrier bag of items I took down to him before Christmas), and was told he was booked onto a plane to be deported at 4:25pm. Reza also had his mobile phone confiscated. NB: The Home Office used to give at least 24hours notice of the time of flight for deportation!

12:01pm - Reza, in much distress, called Derri Southwood (his friend and sponsor/ legal liaison) on the Tinsley House payphone to tell her he was being deported.

12:05pm - Derri called Reza’s local MP (Rt. Hon. John Glen MP), who has been supporting Reza’s case, to enlist his help in this eleventh hour. John assured Derri that he would contact the Home Office immediately.

12:07pm - Derri called Reza’s solicitors to tell them that Reza was being deported at 4:25pm. This was “news to them”. NB: The Home Office used to give 24hours notice to a detainees legal representation of notice of the time of flight for deportation!

12:15pm - Solicitors obtained confirmation that Reza was being transferred to Heathrow Airport for deportation at 4:25pm

3:45pm - Reza’s solicitors arrived at Court with an application for an “Emergency Injunction” and an application for “Judicial Review”.

3:48pm - Caroline Nokes (Minister of State for Immigration at the Home Office) responded to the Rt. Hon. John Glen’s entreaty (see above of 12:05pm). Apparently, in Caroline Nokes’s opinion, escaping war and death in Afghanistan and then trekking alone through Iran, Turkey and Europe to England, as a child of 13 years old, then living in the UK for more than 14 years and building a life and network of friends does not constitute an exceptional or compassionate circumstance.

4:25pm - Reza’s flight departed for Istanbul.

4:30pm - The Court did not bother to make an order for an Injunction, as they simply sought confirmation from the Home Office that Reza had already been removed from the country. This appears to be totally biased against Reza’s case. The Court/Judge should be totally impartial and have reviewed the submitted paperwork, because even though Reza was no longer in the country an Injunction would mean his immediate return. However, someone (simply glanced at his watch) had somewhere better to be! The Judge/Court should have also notified Reza’s solicitors of a NO ORDER. However…

9:00pm - Reza’s solicitors finally got hold of the Administrative Court Emergency Team…

10:00pm - … who confirmed the NO ORDER

Reza is now boared in a hotel in Kabul, for the next 14 days, before he is kicked out onto the streets. To all intent and purposes the Home Office has washed its hands of him.

However, our fight continues and we will post more as we hear more, including what you can do to help. But in the meantime, please write to Caroline Nokes voicing your displeasure.
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