Speed up the Police ‘Tactical Contact Bill ‘Emergency Response Drivers’

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Recently The Metropolitan police has made a statement that they shall be using tactical contact against criminals using scooters and Motorbikes. Following comments some MPs it is clear that not everyone in Parliament agrees with the action that the Police are taking to protect the public. 

The tactical contact bill passed by Sir Henry Bellingham to protect our police officers when pursuing has been implemented in parliament since last year and the first reading was done the 12 Dec 2017 and afterwards on March 16, it was delayed once again until July 2017 and again to November 23th. In November it had been once again posponed to the 23th of March 2019.

This is absolutely unacceptable, Bikers and the public have been suffering every single day and our police officers have been risking their careers and futures in order to stop this madness.
The majority of the public support our police decision and as seen lately, many MPs together with our Mayor of London and our Home Secretary (see their twitter announcements).

So the question is, if they fully support it, why are they not passing the law to protect our officers?

We can’t wait any longer, Bikers, delivery riders, the public and the police cannot wait any longer, this must stop once and for all! We all need to feel protected and especially the people who protect us.

Please pass the Emergency Response Drivers Bill As soon as possible.

Please reference the following site for more information. https://services.parliament.uk/bills/2017-19/emergencyresponsedriversprotections.html