Save my family being torn apart from deportation

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Power to people - I will regret if I dont say this now. UPDATE

Within a day, we have got over 450 people that have signed THE petition demanding for a post-study work visa. Show that you care about our international students, by signing and sharing this URGENT petition- We need you. 
Within a month, we have raised over £4800 out of £6000 to save Peter's family and over 101,000 people to sign petition to stop the deportation.
Please help us raise £12,00 more to keep the family together.
As you may know, I work with a few other charities and I am doing my full-time masters. I have got three big final essays hand-ins and few other family matters so I wont be active on social media but the show must go on. Mrs. May won't stop attacking us because I have essays or self-care issues.
I am urging all of you to put your trust into these two campaigns and go all in. Sign it and share it - make it your fight- Show this hostile government - We are not alone. We can and will make difference.
Post-study work visa sigh in
Stop peters family from deportation fundraising link;

Heres the Dipnarine families story and why you should help them. 

The UK has been our home for almost 14 years. It’s where we’ve lived, worked, studied and laid down our roots. But now we are being threatened by a deportation that could tear our whole family apart.

I live with my parents and two younger sisters in Edinburgh. My parents and I are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago whilst my two sisters are American. This means that if we are deported, my sisters would be separated from my parents and me. They could be sent to the U.S. where we have no home, no friends and no relatives. Splitting the family apart would be heartbreaking, traumatic and inhumane.

My sister and I are currently in the process of completing a degree whilst my youngest sister is in her last year of secondary school. If we are made to leave the UK, we won’t be able to finish the education that we have worked so hard for.

We’ve been living here legally on visas for 14 years, but it’s becoming increasingly expensive and we simply can’t afford the fees. It now costs around £7,000 for the whole family, which must be paid every two and a half years when the visas need to be renewed.

Due to our visa status the family has not been able to keep permanent jobs, which has put us in a difficult financial situation and meant we simply cannot afford to pay the visa fees this time around.

My sisters and I have spent more than half of our lives in the UK, yet we feel like we’re being treating as illegal immigrants by the Home Office, after we were summoned to go to a police station this month. It has left us feeling worried and insecure about our futures.

We have applied to have our fees waived but the Home Office has rejected our application. Please sign this petition so that my family and I can stay together in the UK.

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