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Reinstate Steve Forman's work Visa

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Steve Forman is an internationally renowned and respected artist of immense stature. (See partial list or works and discography below.) We, the signatories to this petition, believe that the Home Office should immediately reinstate his work Visa in order that he may continue to share his vast knowledge and experience in Scotland.

A partial list of the many artists Steve Forman has recorded with over the years:

Christine Aguilara

The Beach Boys

David Benoit

Big Mountain

Black Velvet Band

Michael Bolton

David Bowie

The Cate Brothers

Doug Cameron

Vanessa Carlton

Rita Coolidge

Don Ellis

Fleetwood Mac


Glen Frey

South Gang

Gilberto Gil

Go West

Amy Grant

Dave Grusin

Don Grusin

Lisa Haley

Louise Haffsten

Cissy Houston

Earl Klugh

John Lennon

Level 3

Lisa Loeb

Kenny Loggins

Loggins & Messina

Bernadette Malloy

Brian Mann

Ray Manzarik

Sergio Mendez

Katie Moffat

O Jays

Or n More

Wild Orchid

Pink Floyd



Lee Ritenour

Linda Ronstatd

James Taylor

Jennifer Warnes

Sadao Watanabe

Caron Wheeler

Dave Matthews Band

An incomplete discogarphy for Vinyl and CD's including work by Steve Forman:

Christina Aguilera My Kind of Christmas (2000) Percussion
Karen Alexander Voyager (1978) Percussion
Laura Allan Laura Allan (1978) Percussion
Peter Allen Not the Boy Next Door (1983) Percussion
Herb Alpert Magic Man (1981) Percussion
Renee Armand In Time Percussion
Gregg Arrell Gregg Arrell Percussion
Patti Austin Patti Austin (1984) Percussion
Badfinger Airwaves (1979) Percussion
Marty Balin Balin (1981) Percussion
Jesse Barish Mercury Shoes (1980) Percussion
David Benoit Inner Motion (1990) Percussion
Big Mountain Unity (1994) Percussion
Karla Bonoff Karla Bonoff (1977) Percussion
Karla Bonoff Restless Nights (1979) Percussion
Karla Bonoff Wild Heart of the Young (1982) Percussion
Boy Meets Girl Boy Meets Girl (1985) Percussion
David Bromberg Reckless Abandon (1977) Percussion
David Bromberg Reckless Abandon/Bandit in a... (1998) Percussion
Jimmy Buffett Volcano (1979) Percussion
Bugatti & Musker Dukes (1982) Percussion
Stan Bush Stan Bush (1983) Percussion, Tambourine
Doug Cameron Mil Amores (1989) Percussion
Doug Cameron Journey to You (1991) Percussion
Doug Cameron Rendezvous (1996) Percussion, Conga
Doug Cameron Passport (1997) Percussion
Doug Cameron Freeway Mentality Percussion
Kim Carnes Kim Carnes (1975) Percussion
David Castle Love You Forever (1979) Percussion
The Cate Brothers In One Eye and out the Other (1976) Percussion
Peter Cetera Peter Cetera (1981) Percussion
Harry Chapin Living Room Suite (1978) Percussion
Chunky Novi & Ernie Chunky Novi & Ernie (1976) Percussion
Stanley Clarke Let Me Know You (1982) Percussion
Rita Coolidge Love Me Again (1978) Percussion
D.B. Cooper Dangerous Curves (1981) Percussion
Steve Cropper Playing My Thang (1980) Percussion
Steve Cropper Night After Night (1982) Percussion
Jesse Cutler Jesse Cutler Percussion
Karla DeVito Is This a Cool World or What (1981) Percussion
Ned Doheny Hard Candy (1976) Percussion
Dane Donohue Dane Donohue (1978) Percussion
George Duke Guardian of the Light (1983) Tabla
England Dan & John Ford... Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive (1978) Percussion
José Feliciano Escenas de Amor (1982) Percussion
Firefall Elan [Atlantic/Rhino] (1978) Percussion, Conga, Cymbals, Tambourine, Caxixi, Surdo, Shaker
Firefall Greatest Hits (1992) Percussion
Mitchell Forman Hand Made (1993) Percussion
Peter Frampton Where I Should Be (1979) Percussion
Freebo End of the Beginning (1999) Percussion, Tabla
Glenn Frey No Fun Aloud (1982) Percussion
Glenn Frey Allnighter (1984) Percussion
Glenn Frey Soul Searchin' (1988) Percussion
Glenn Frey Solo Collection (1995) Conga
Glenn Frey 20th Century Masters - The... (2000) Percussion, Conga
Steven Fromholz Frolicking in the Myth (1977) Percussion
Kenny G Kenny G (1982) Percussion
Art Garfunkel Fate for Breakfast (1979) Percussion
Go West Indian Summer (1992) Percussion
Goose Creek Symphony Established 1970 (1970) Horn Arrangements
Amy Grant Home for Christmas (1992) Percussion
Glenda Griffith Glenda Griffith Percussion
The Iron City Houserockers Blood on the Bricks (1981) Percussion
The Iron City Houserockers Pumping Iron & Sweating Steel: The (1992) Percussion
Don Grusin 10k-La (1980) Percussion
Don Grusin Don Grusin (1983) Percussion
Dirk Hamilton Meet Me at the Crux (1978) Percussion
Don Henley I Can't Stand Still (1982) Percussion
Highway Highway 1 (1979) Percussion
Marcia Hines Ooh Child (1979) Percussion
Al Jarreau Glow (1976) Percussion
Al Jarreau Best of Al Jarreau (1996) Percussion
Laurence Juber L.J. (1998) Percussion
Kazu Time No Longer (1988) Percussion
Kingfisher Vesica Piscis (1998) Percussion
Osamu Kitajima Face to Face (1961) Percussion
Earl Klugh Finger Painting (1977) Percussion
Earl Klugh Best of Earl Klugh, Vol. 2 (1992) Percussion
Al Kooper Championship Wrestling (1982) Percussion
Leah Kunkel I Run with Trouble (1980) Percussion
Level III Freezin' 'Em (1991) Percussion
Lisa Loeb Tails (1995) Percussion
Loggins & Messina So Fine (1975) Percussion
Loggins & Messina Native Sons (1976) Percussion, Vibraphone
Loggins & Messina Finale (1977) Percussion
Loggins & Messina Best of Loggins & Messina (1980) Percussion
Kenny Loggins Celebrate Me Home (1977) Percussion
Kenny Loggins High Adventure (1982) Percussion
Jack Mack and the... Cardiac Party (1982) Vocals (bckgr)
Jakob Magnusson Special Treatment (1979) Percussion
Jakob Magnusson Time Zone Percussion
Brian Mann Café du Soleil (1990) Percussion
Ray Manzarek Golden Scarab (1974) Percussion, Bells
Ray Manzarek Whole Thing Started With Rock &... (1974) Percussion
John Mayall Bottom Line (1979) Percussion
Roger McGuinn Thunderbyrd (1977) Percussion
Roger McGuinn Born to Rock & Roll (1992) Percussion
Me-2-U Me-2-U (1993) Percussion, Drums
Bob Meighan Band Mr Hun (1977) Percussion, Conga
Sergio Mendes Pele (1977) Percussion
Katy Moffatt Kissin' in the California Sun (1978) Percussion
Aaron Neville Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas (1993) Percussion, Bells, Vibraphone
Juice Newton Well Kept Secret (1978) Percussion
Juice Newton Take Heart (1979) Percussion
Juice Newton Juice (1981) Percussion
Juice Newton Quiet Lies (1982) Percussion
Juice Newton Dirty Looks (1983) Percussion
Nielson/Pearson Band Blind Luck (1983) Percussion
Danny O'Keefe Global Blues (1979) Percussion
Tiger Okoshi Tiger's Baku (1981) Percussion
Kenji Omura Concierto de Aranjuez (1978) Percussion
Pages Pages [1981] (1981) Percussion
Pele w/ Sergio Mendes Pele (1978) Percussion
Pets Wet Behind the Ears (1978) Percussion
Mike Pinder Among the Stars (1995) Percussion
Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987) Percussion
Pink Floyd Shine On (1992) Percussion
Pink Floyd Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd (2001) Percussion
Player Danger Zone (1978) Percussion
Player Spies of Life (1981) Percussion
Poco Head over Heels (1975) Percussion
Poco Indian Summer (1977) Percussion
Poco Legend (1978) Percussion
Poco Under the Gun (1980) Percussion
Poco Blue and Gray (1981) Percussion
Poco Ghost Town (1982) Percussion
Poco Inamorata (1984) Percussion
Prime Time Prime Time (1978) Percussion
REO Speedwagon Nine Lives (1979) Percussion, Conga, Sound Effects
REO Speedwagon Hi Infidelity (1980) Percussion
REO Speedwagon Good Trouble (1982) Percussion, Chimes, Shaker, Crotale
REO Speedwagon Wheels Are Turnin' (1984) Percussion, Conga
REO Speedwagon Life As We Know It (1987) Percussion
REO Speedwagon Earth, a Small Man, His Dog and a... (1990) Percussion
REO Speedwagon Second Decade of Rock and Roll,... (1991) Conga, Shaker
Eddie Rabbitt Loveline (1979) Percussion
Red Rider As Far as Siam (1981) Percussion
Red Rider Over 60 Minutes with Red Rider (1998) Percussion
J. Michael Reed J. Michael Reed (1979) Percussion
Minnie Riperton Minnie (1979) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Captain Fingers (1977) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Gentle Thoughts (1977) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Captain's Journey (1978) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Friendship (1978) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Feel the Night (1979) Percussion, Castanets, Tambourine
Lee Ritenour Rio (1979) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Rit (1981) Percussion
Lee Ritenour On the Line (1983) Percussion
Lee Ritenour Rit, Vol. 1 (1985) Percussion
Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams (1977) Percussion, Marimba
Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (1980) Percussion, Marimba
Linda Ronstadt Mad Love (1980) Percussion
Linda Ronstadt 3 for One (2000) Marimba
Carole Bayer Sager Too (1978) Percussion
Section Fork It Over (1977) Percussion
Session II Session II (1977) Percussion
Jimmy Smith Sit on It! (1976) Percussion
Barbra Streisand Emotion (1984) Percussion
Sugar Loaf Express Sugar Loaf Express Featuring Lee... (1991)
Sutherland Brothers When the Night Comes Down (1979) Percussion
Grady Tate Master Grady Tate (1977) Percussion
James Taylor Flag (1979) Percussion, Conga, Tambourine, Timbales
James Taylor JT/Flag/Dad Loves His Work [box] (1995) Tambourine, Timbales
Livingston Taylor Three Way Mirror (1978) Percussion
Livingston Taylor 3-Way Mirror (1993) Percussion
Livingston Taylor Carolina Day: The Collection (1970... (1998) Percussion
Michael Thompson Band How Long (1989) Percussion
Tommy Tutone National Emotion (1983) Percussion
Dwight Twilley Jungle (1984) Percussion
Dwight Twilley XXI (1996) Percussion
Sarah Vaughan Songs of the Beatles (1990) Percussion
Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat (1987) Percussion
Jennifer Warnes Hunter (1992) Surdo, Taragat, Rhythm Arrangements
Sadao Watanabe My Dear Life (1977) Percussion, Conga
Sadao Watanabe Autumn Blow (1977) Percussion
The Flimz (2007) Arranging, Percussion
Tim Weisberg Best of Tim Weisberg: Smile! (1979) Percussion
Tim Weisberg Party of One (1980) Percussion
Tim Weisberg Travelin' Light (1987) Percussion
Bob Welch Three Hearts (1979) Percussion
Wha Koo Berkshire (1978) Percussion
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid (1996) Percussion
Wild Orchid Oxygen (1998) Percussion
Lauren Wood Lauren Wood [1979] (1979) Percussion
Lorna Wright Circle of Love (1978) Percussion
Warren Zevon Envoy (1982) Percussion
Warren Zevon Quiet Normal Life: The Best of... (1986) Percussion
Original Soundtrack Reality Bites (1994) Percussion
Original Soundtrack Corrina Corrina [Original... (1994) Percussion
Original Soundtrack Dumb & Dumber [Original... (1995) Percussion
Original Soundtrack Free Willy 2: Adventure Home (1995) Percussion
Original Soundtrack Nick of Time (1995) Electronic Percussion
Original Soundtrack That Darn Cat (1997) Percussion
Original Soundtrack For Love of the Game [Score] (1999) Percussion
Original TV Soundtrack Lonesome Dove [Television... (1998) Percussion
Original Television Score E.R.: Original Television Score... (1996) Percussion
Original Television... Survivor [Original Television... (2000) Percussion
Various Artists Atlantic Jazz: Singers (1947) Percussion
Various Artists Narada Wilderness Collection (1990) Percussion
Various Artists Narada Collection, Vol. 3 (1991) Percussion
Various Artists Move to Groove: The Best of 1970s... (1995) Percussion
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976... (1999) Percussion
Various Artists Rock: Train Kept a Rollin' (1999)

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