Full Public Enquiry into Asian Grooming Gangs in the United Kingdom.

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Many towns across the country have faced a culture of (so called) Asian men Grooming young mainly British girls within their communities.

The failures within all the protective authorities have not been held to account.

Child neglect is a crime in Britain and those found to have failed in their duties and been complicit in the defence of the rapists should face prosecution or at the minimum be removed from thier position of trust.

The failing of police authorities.

The failing legal justice system.

The failing local social services.

The failing local authorities.

The failing home office.

A culture was allowed to develope of doing nothing will make it go away.

The silence of the community these (so called) Asian men belong to is a greater shame. They hide behind the wall of silence supported by all the authorities, media and government.

Historical it is not, rape & abuse goes on in many towns today !