Remove vendor carts from Grauman's Chinese Theatre historic forecourt before it's too late


Remove vendor carts from Grauman's Chinese Theatre historic forecourt before it's too late

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To whom it may concern:

This petition is an effort to protest the recent developments of commerce on the forecourt of TCL Chinese Theatre, formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It has come to our attention, thanks to Vintage Los Angeles' post (Facebook) in conjunction with Brian Donnelly's pictures, that for some time now, merchants have been operating vending carts on the forecourt, with wares of souvenirs. The stress of the carts upon the forecourt’s historic cement blocks threatens their future existence as a part of Hollywood history.

Always an iconic historic landmark in Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theatre’s forecourt houses the signatures, handprints, and footprints of the stars, from Norma Talmadge in 1927 to the most recent addition of Tim Burton just last month. Capsules of Hollywood history, the cement blocks are precious to film enthusiasts all around the globe, many of whom travel a great distance to visit the forecourt and have the opportunity to see their favorites’ blocks. The current situation of the vending carts directly on top of the blocks reduces all citizens’ enjoyment of the forecourt, and does not even allow many visitors to see some of the blocks, being entirely covered by carts.

The honored tradition of the forecourt blocks is one that we hope will continue for many years, but the existing blocks and their precious history are threatened by the continuation of these carts and their location. The weight of them place undue stress on the blocks, and over time, the rolling and moving of carts across the cement could cause chipping or other irrevocable damage. They are unprotected, and the existence of these carts and the crass commercialism existing with them is disrespectful to the background and value of the forecourt. The carts are offering a tacky appearance to this historic landmark, and they add nothing in terms of Hollywood history. As more and more historic landmarks are given over to commercialism and modernization, we continue to lose the stories and history of these locations. There are nearly two hundred blocks in the forecourt as of the time of this writing. Please don’t allow commerciality to overshadow the history contained there. None of the historical societies in the surrounding area seem to be taking any notice as of yet to this problem and destruction. This is an issue that resonates with many people; the original Vintage Los Angeles post has over 1.3k likes and many, many comments expressing outrage over this turn of events. We beg you to cease the operation of vending carts in the forecourt, and return it to its former existence as a haven of Hollywood history for enthusiasts all around the world.


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