I want to have my babies home

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We want our kids to come home....long story short our daughter got a fractured femur at 17 days old....her father was walking out of our walkin closet on the night of 2-10-17 and he tripped over a power cord....my lil ladys leg was sticking out of the crib...keep in mind my fiances a big man as i am also big.....so his tripping n hitting her leg...seems logical to me...especially since it was pitch dark in our room....upon realizing our little girls leg was not "right" i immediately woke up from a deep sleep(my bf woke me) and dressed...was on our way out the door when my 3yr old woke up....and since my bfs 17yr old son was sound asleep i didnt feel it was ok to leave my boy behind so i went ahead and dressed him also...needless to say we were at the hospital within a half hr of it happening....keep in mind my bf didn't notice it for a good 2-8 minutes....due to making bottle...diaper change.....so of course once we arrive the hospital called CWS they talked to both of us....and even talked to my boy....at 4 am we were told they were flying our baby out to UCSF and that our girl was being placed in protective custody....but that we could take my boy home with me....we were told that 1 of us could fly Out with her but bc i dont have a license and it wasnt a good idea for me to go without my boy....we decided to wait until later in the morning(after going home to get some sleep) we were told to call the office in morning after we woke up and they could possibly help get us down to be with our lil princess....so around 11 or 1230 i called n was told to hold on to be transferred and when i got someone else on phone we were asked to bring my boy in to be assessed....of course i had no reason not to comply and be forthcoming so we did and around 2-230 they informed me that my son would not be going home with us or with my mom with whom he was going to stay with while we was in San Francisco.   We are getting ready to come up on 7th month now and from late march they have been looking to bypass us for reunification services basically adopting my kids out....to make it worse my lil man was diagnosed with failure to thrive bc his bmi was 1% he gained a lil more than 2 lbs in a year....but he always ate....so they are trying to say i failed to provide him with proper nutrition for more than a year and anyone who knows us knows that i always have food in our house....basically we need signatures bc we dont deserve to lose our babies for good over a 1 time accident that will never happen again....especially since neither he nor i have ever had our kids taken away i have 3 n he has 3 (away from cws)....my bf is a good man and would never have intentionally hurt our little girl....n i would be the first to say that the entire accident is mostly my fault bc i put her in her crib on the bobby pillow bc i didn't  feel like waking her up so I figured since one of us was awake until middle of night feeding that it would be ok....never would i have thought our lil girl would have got hurt! 

Please help me get Jamison and ShayLynn home where they belong