Clemency for Derian Eidson

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Derian Eidson, a former attorney, is five years into a 10-year federal prison term she is serving in Victorville, CA.  

Eidson represented businessman, and boyfriend, Steven Zinnel, in two negotiation meetings in early 2009.  Zinnel had a consulting agreement with a commercial electrical contractor called System 3.  The FBI believed that he was hiding income derived from System 3 in order to avoid paying money to his ex-wife during a contentious divorce.  They also believed that Eidson was assisting him.  Zinnel and the owner of System 3 had a falling out ... Zinnel wanted a payout of his consulting contract.  Around the same time, the owner at System 3 was approached by FBI agents to set up a negotiation to offer Zinnel a deal he could not refuse, $4mm to walk away from System 3.

Eidson was asked by Zinnel to be his representative at two meetings with System 3 to negotiate the deal.  The situation surrounding the negotiations was made more difficult for Zinnel because of his divorce and the fact that he had also filed for bankruptcy.  So Eidson went into the meetings to get Zinnel the best deal she could under the circumstances.  However, what she did not know was that the FBI devised, orchestrated and recorded the meeting as a sting.  By setting up the meetings, Eidson was drawn into a case where her friend and client was the intended target.  In June 2011 Eidson and Zinnel were indicted on bankruptcy fraud charges.

 The two went to trial  ... Zinnel was found guilty, Eidson was acquitted.  However, as a direct result of her participation in negotiations with System 3, Eidson was charged with attempted money laundering ... for a deal that was never consummated (the $4mm offer from System3) and one where there were no funds ever transferred.   Zinnel was sentenced to 17 years in prison, the longest term handed down for bankruptcy fraud.  Eidson was sentenced to 10 years in prison with no restitution (there was no victim or losses associated with her charges).

Derian Edson does NOT belong in prison.  The whole operation was a fabrication and a sting.  Please sign this petition to get President Donald J. Trump to grant her clemency.

You can read her story published in Forbes by Walt Pablo.  

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