The Accountability Project

The Accountability Project

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Started by Rachel Barth

Institutions like the National Football League (NFL) have a history of hiding domestic abuse and sexual assault in their league for the sake of talent and money.

This is so devastating and disheartening to survivors everywhere but especially those who feel they cannot speak up in cases of abuse in the world of sports because it has historically not been taken seriously.

Here is an article that states FORTY-FOUR players in the NFL that still played in the league, and had million dollar contracts, even with credible abuse/assault allegations and charges:,crimes%20in%20the%20United%20States

This petition will let the NFL and other institutions that hide abuse and assault know that we see what they are doing, and that we will not tolerate it anymore. They must hold abusers accountable, admit their wrongdoings, and apologize to survivors.

This petition also empowers survivors to share their stories and their voices to make positive change. We have the power to make our community a safer place for survivors and to let athletes know that they are not invincible. Please share this petition and the Instagram campaign: @hold_abusers_accountable to spread the word.

**We may also organize protests outside of various NFL stadiums in the country.** Reach out to me personally if you have any interest in this or sharing your story!

624 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!