Stop Skyscrapers in Hobart

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Hobart is Australia's second oldest capital city. Surrounded by spectacular natural environments, Tasmania's capital remains a human-scale city famous for its built heritage. 

We are concerned that a rash of development proposals could forever change Hobart’s distinctive character. Approval of oversized buildings out of proportion to the city’s scale sets a precedent that would shift Hobart from medium-rise to high-rise.

One hotel proposal is a skyscraper 120 metres (41 storeys) high, which if built, would be Tasmania's tallest building. A second hotel proposal is 83 metres high, taller than the Tasman Bridge. Each is proposed for parts of the city where the building height limit is less than 18 metres.

We call on the Hobart City Council to:

PROTECT Hobart's skyline and prevent oversized buildings obscuring views of the mountain from the waterfront. 

SUPPORT AND DEFEND the current planning rules for building height limits in Hobart, to avoid problems with wind and shadow. 

REJECT development applications for buildings that breach height limits, such as the Fragrance Group's proposals for 2-6 Collins St and 28-30 Davey St.

Under section 59 of the Tasmanian Local Government Act, we request Hobart City Council to hold a public meeting about our concerns in this petition, as the first step for residents to vote on these issues in an elector poll (under section 60C of the Act).