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Remove the offensive Hobart City Christmas Tree - YOUR ART OFFENDS US!

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In 2015 Hobart City Council, lead by Lord Mayor Sue Hickey funded and installed a blatantly offensive and disgusting Christmas Tree that they call "art".

This "art" can only be described as an absolute assault on the senses and is offensive to Hobart City Council residents and visitors as well as making the state's capital the subject of ridicule. In many people's opinion, this artwork is as offensive as Hermann Nitsch's 150. Action

Note: This petition is in no way supporting or opposing Nitsch's 150. Action. We simply use this as the precedent set by council.

Lead by Sue Hickey, Hobart City Council recently accepted a petition against 150, Action that was based on opinion and had no legal grounds. The opinion expressed in the petition was simply that Nitsch's 150. Action was offensive. The action requested was for it to be banned.

We are making the same request in regard to the Christmas Tree.

During debate surrounding the Christmas Tree installation and amid calls to have it removed Lord Mayor Sue Hickey, through her actions, suggested that public opinion didn't matter as it was art. Therefore someone's opinion on "taste" was not an argument to have it removed.

Councils acceptance of the 150. Action petition, their decision to have a report produced, their intention to lobby the state government and the Lord Mayor's signing of the petition demonstrates a shift in this belief that opinion is irrelevant in regard to art. This sets a precedent for council to accept similar petitions. Furthermore, to prove that council is not making decisions based solely on the Mayor's opinion, council have a responsibility to take action on other similar petitions just as they have on the 150. Action petition.

Unlike 150. Action. The Christmas Tree is funded by the ratepayers of Hobart and again unlike 150. Action. Hobart City Council have the power to have it removed.

We believe that is is not appropriate for a local government organisation to fund and install such repulsive and offensive art in a public place and we demand its removal. We believe that real suffering has resulted from the installation of this piece due to the international ridicule and embarrassment that has ensued.

It offends us. Take it down.

The People of Tasmania

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