Approve golf carts to be driven within Beachwood Estates!

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The use of Golf carts in the community has been a hot topic for the last couple weeks.  We would like to bring the attention to fellow homeowners of the many convenient uses they can provide.  To start the carts can be used to transport people to and from locations without using gas or leaving harmful emissions, they can also be used to transport yard materials and to aid in cleanup of the neighborhood. Also, is a great tool for families to spend time outdoors instead of sitting behind a television or phone.  The claims that individuals have made have been that operators are speeding, being reckless and also tearing up property.  Some facts about golf carts, they have the same safety features as vehicles, with lower speeds most if not all can only reach top speed of 20 mph. Unfortunately, at this time in MD we cannot register them with the MVA.  Some communities in MD have already passed law stating that they can be driven with the same laws regulating vehicles. Lastly, as a community with strong bonds I think we could all band together and decide to allow the use of golf carts rather than wasting police resources.  The carts have also been used multiple times to deter crime activity in the neighborhood.