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Pao Xiong, Houa Thao, and Tou Lee Must Get Maximum Jail Time!

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TO:  The District Attorney Lisa A. Smittcamp, Senior Deputy District Attorney Tim Donovan of Fresno County and Presiding Judges

Re:  Case Number F17902636 - The People in the State of California vs. Pao Xiong, Tou Lee, and Houa Thao

We, the undersigned, request that Pao Xiong and the entourage be given the maximum penalty allowable under the law for Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury or Death and Cruelty to Dependent Adult on May 2nd, 2017. Please see link for more details: 

Pao Xiong and his co-horts have threatened to severely injure the elders, rape the women, and kick their vaginas to inflict excruciating pain with his size 12 boots and stick his boots deep into their vaginas until they burst open with blood boiling and gushing out in their mouths, ears, and noses.  Now they act on their threats.  Their supporters continue to shout and incite more and more violence that Pao Xiong and his entourage are true heroes who walk their talk.

Pao Xiong AKA ‘Nao Pao Xiong’ is the main host of a Podcast Radio Conference line: 1-712-831-0020 since 2013 called “GVP Radio.”  He utilized the late General Vang Pao’s acronyms ‘GVP’ to manipulate members of the Hmong communities nationwide which continue to create controversy, hatred, and division.  He and his group are disturbing the peace with violence and inflicting severe emotional distress to thousands of people. He turned siblings against siblings and families against families.  Whoever opposed his threatening, vile, twisted, and extremely violent ideas are in many ways coerced to apologize to him publicly on air with ransom or face punishment from him and his cronies with first, verbal attacks, then physical violence like he has demonstrated on May 2, 2017. He and his cohorts threatened to rape the wives of those who oppose him in front of them, and he want them dead.  He has gone so far as to even hold made-up funeral services for them. This is the reason why there are many restraining orders filed and pending civil lawsuits against Pao Xiong. 

We request that justice be served.  Pao Xiong and the entourage must be given the maximum penalty and prison terms without probation or parole so that they no longer can threaten, cause serious injury or death to anyone else.  The many women and elders who he and his group targeted do not deserve to live in fear.  

Thank you for your consideration.

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