Extend the deadline for EU27 citizens to return voter registration form UC/1 to 23rd May

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There is a real danger that citizens from EU27 countries will not be allowed to vote to be represented in the EU in May 2019, because of the short time window in which they must return their declaration of intent form UC/1. This petition calls for the deadline for returning this form to be extended to 23rd May  to give EU citizens the option to make the declaration at the polling booth.

EU citizens resident in the UK have the right to vote in EU elections. However, being on the electoral register is not enough for that: citizens from most EU27 countries must also fill in the UC1 form in which they declare that they will only vote in the UK and return it by 7 May 2019. Even a week before that date, many EU citizens have not yet received this form, raising the danger that they will not be allowed to vote on the day. This happened to thousands of EU citizens in 2014, when this requirement was first introduced. The electoral commission has advised that the form is not needed and should be scrapped but the government has continued to insist it be used, resulting in the disfranchisement of thousands of voters.

We therefore call on the government to extend the deadline to 23rd May the day of the European Parliament elections and instruct electoral officers to provide copies of the form at the polling stations, so that if necessary they can be filled in there.