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Create a Heritage Minute about Hawaiian Pizza

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Pineapple on pizza.  Love it or loathe it, there has never been a pizza topping that has sparked such an international debate.  Even world leaders have weighed in.  

And it's a Canadian invention.  

Sam Panopoulos came to Canada from Greece in 1954.  He loved the Italian food of pizza, and wondered why it was always viewed as an obscurity at his Chatham, Ontario restaurant, the Satellite.  In 1962, Hawaiian culture has become a fad, thanks to Hawaii recently achieving statehood.  One night, Panopoulos spied a can of pineapple in his restaurant's kitchen and thought, "Why not?"  He put that pineapple on a pizza, added some ham to compliment the theme, and the Hawaiian pizza was born.  His creation went on to become a staple of pizzeria menus the world over.  

Heritage Minutes.  Those 60-second samplers of Canadian history that have been a staple of Canadian television since 1991.  They've covered stories as grand as Canada's founding fathers, to stories as pop-culture relevant as the creation of Superman.  

If there's one Canadian story worthy of being immortalized in a Heritage Minute, it's the creation of Hawaiian Pizza.  So we implore Historica Canada, the producers of Heritage Minutes, to create a Heritage Minute about Sam Panopoulos and his creation, Hawaiian pizza.  

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