Keep Longmont's Historic Eastside protected

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This summer a new Land Development Code is scheduled for adoption by the City Council. In that process HENA will change from RLE to an R-SF zoning designation. The new zoning is generally of benefit to us BUT our unique and beloved Historic Eastside neighborhood will lose some of its current protections.

We could be seeing a wave of demolitions of our historic homes, to be replaced by oversized and incompatible new builds.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent this. HENA can ask the City of Longmont for something called a Conservation Overlay. With a Conservation Overlay, “Historic, culturally significant and unique buildings and structures, and features in the district shall be preserved to the maximum extent possible.”  Additionally, new construction will be “generally compatible with the design and appearance of other exiting buildings on the block”.

Don’t let the Historic Eastside fall through the cracks!

As the oldest neighborhood in town, lying roughly between 3rd and 9th, and from Kimbark to Martin Streets, we have an irreplaceable neighborhood to steward.

By blocking potential massive and out-of-place builds we can avoid possible declines in our property values. 

Join the community support for the Historic Eastside’s C-O by signing our petition.