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Make the gospel of the Essenes, which teaches vegetarianism, open to the public!

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The time will come ... that the crime of the animal will be punishable as the crime against man. Leonardo da Vinci


Finally, we have succeeded in proving that the New Testament is an conveniently purposeful altered plagiarism of the gospel of the Essenes. It means that the Gospel of the Essenes is evidently older than the New Testament and thus obviously the original message.

The Gospel of Essen condemns the exploitation of animals, or killing them because of their flesh, and describes the consumption of meat as the greatest sin which a man practices against his body and soul, as a curse against himself.

The doctrine of Christianity denotes the animal as soulless and inferior, encouraging people to be brutal to animals or to eat their flesh, because this attitude is in their eyes not a sin and have no consistency before God. With the publication of this gospel of Essen, which is the true gospel, people would finally learn that the killing or tormenting of an animal before God is punished as much as a crime against man.

The publication of this document is the key to freedom for the animal world.

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