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Stop desertification in kenya

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Our President Uhuru Kenyatta and your Vice William Ruto duly elected by the people of Kenya and having the power and ability to turn this nation into a great nation, I implore you to tackle this scourge of desertification.

Desertification is a type of land degradation in which relatively dry area of land becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife. It is caused by a variety of factors, such as through climate change and through the over-exploitation of soil through human activity. When deserts appear automatically over the natural course of a planet's life cycle, then it can be called a natural phenomenon; however, when deserts emerge due to the rampant and unchecked depletion of nutrients in soil that are essential for it to remain arable, then a virtual "soil death" can be spoken of, which traces its cause back to human over-exploitation. Desertification is a significant global ecological and environmental problem.

Causes of desertification in the horn of Africa:
The impact of global warming and human activities are presented in the horn of Africa. In this area, the level of desertification is very high compared to other areas in the world.
All areas situated in the horn of Africa are characterized by a dry climate, hot temperatures, and low rainfall (300–750 mm rainfall per year). So, droughts are the rule in this region.

Development of the desertification process in Kenya:
Some studies have shown that Kenya has lost approximately 10% of its productive agricultural land over the past 50 years. The propagation of desertification in this area is considerable.
Some statistics have also shown that since 1900, the Sahara has expanded by 300 km, covering an additional area of 6000 square kilometers.
Without interventions soon the Sahara desert will spread to Kenya and East Africa.
Impacts of desertification in Kenya
Desertification in the Kenya can affect more than 6 Million of its inhabitants. 70% of the arid area has deteriorated and water resources have disappeared, leading to soil degradation. The loss of topsoil means that plants cannot take root firmly and can be uprooted by torrential water or strong winds.
Desertification will and has intensified inter-community warfare for resources, leading to more famine related deaths and putting the nation of Kenya at jeopardy.
The Late Prof. Wangari Mathaai knew this and intensified efforts towards reforestation that would help reverse desertification. Her efforts won her the Nobel Prize and worldwide recognition.
The economic repercussion are great to this nation. Reduced food production diverts resources from development to food emergencies and inter-clan clashes.

Reversing desertification
It’s not all doom, we can reverse this situation easily just like Israel has done in the Negev desert. Countries in the Sahel region like Burkina Faso have also resorted to fight desertification.
Desertification is a problem that cannot be wished away, doing so is equal to seeing a lion coming and burying your head in the sand hoping it did not see you.
There are many solutions that are suggested but many are either expensive or impractical for this part of the world.
However we could work with the solutions that have worked in African countries like the Zai pits and the demi lunes which have been effective at combating desertification. This techniques work by slowing the movement of water, channeling water where it is needed and enriching soils with locally available compost manure.
Local efforts in Makueni to build sand dams that provide water for homes and farming, though very fruitful have not received government support.
The local communities are involved in providing labor and educated on the importance of this activities as well as how to nature trees that are planted. This communities when properly engaged would ensure success of reverse-desertification by increasing tree and vegetation cover.
For us to ensure desertification is stopped and even reversed concerted government efforts and goodwill has to be in place.

It is because of this that I implore you our president Uhuru Kenyatta and vice president William Ruto to make it your mission to save our lovely country and its people from desertification.

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