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Hinsdale Central: Serve Veggie Burgers in the Cafeteria

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Hinsdale Central, one of the top schools in the nation, often advocates for its students to be the catalysts of change for the better in their community. For some Hinsdale Central Students, this call to make the world a better place requires them to stop eating animal products, such as meat, dairy, and eggs. While not all people agree with this decision, Hinsdale Central and Quest Food services have a duty to serve these students food that they may eat. 

Currently, "veggie burgers", a staple in the vegan and vegetarian diet, are only being sold in one food line one day a week. The Quest food philosophy, proudly on display in the cafeteria claims that Quest food is "offering a variety a vegetarian, (and) vegan...options". There are very few vegetarian or vegan main course options available during lunch periods, so those who wish to refrain from eating animal products are forced to either bring food from home, or find a way to make a meal out of fries and a cookie. 

While it is understood that vegetarians and vegans are a small portion of the school's population, they deserve the same option to eat a satisfying meal as their classmates. Further, the animal product movement is growing. The Daily Mail, an esteemed news source from the UK, has reported a 360% increase in veganism in the past 10 years. Further, the majority of these new vegans are under 18. 

It is time that Hinsdale Central and Quest Food Services honor the tradition of citizenship and acceptance that goes hand in hand with the Hinsdale Central name. We, the signers of this petition, ask for a vegan veggie burger to be sold every day of the week at Hinsdale Central High School

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