Boycott Anti-Hindu Film "Kedarnath".

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1. Boycott film ‘Kedarnath’ promoting Love Jihad & vilifying Hindu Shrine. Link:
2. Boycott 'Kedarnath' set to settle Muslims in Hindu Shrines in Uttarkhand. Link:
3. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India; Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and the High Courts in Gujarat and Uttrakhand did not pay heed to the sentiment of a large section of Hindus badly hurt by the disputed film.

1. Devout Hindus must Boycott film ‘Kedarnath’ to stop the propagation of Love Jihad in Hindu Pilgrimage.
2. Devout Hindus must Boycott film ‘Kedarnath’ to stop the propagation of settlement of Muslims in Kedarnath Pilgrimage Route.
3. Sign this petition in a large scale so that the Hindu protest against Kedarnath Film gets a public setback.

Personal story
We started a petition here aiming to postpone the release of disputed film "Kedarnath" and urged to the devout Hindus to boycott the same if it is released. Our earlier petition in Change.Org at was taken down without notifying us the reason behind to do so. We think it is unethical and improper.
However, we are posting this fresh petition so that the annoying Hindu voice can make a potential buzz against the anti Hindu Film Kedarnath.