Repeal AFSPA,Restore Democracy!

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Revoke Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Jammu and Kashmir.If Goverment of india revoked AFSPA in Maghalaya and parts of Arunachal Pradesh why not in Jammu and Kashmir .

Repeal AFSPA, Restore Democracy! The Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Act, enacted in September, 1990 is an anti-democratic, anti-human rights law which has been undermining even the most basic civil liberties and democratic rights of Kashmiries resulting in countless illegal arrests, custody torture, rapes and arbitrary executions. The Government of India has been repeatedly advised by the United Nations to revoke the law in the light of the unprecedented scale of civilian persecutions, including as late as in 2012 but to no avail. Amnesty International has also slammed the state government for illegal disappearances of of civilians following arrests by armed forces. AFSPA must also go because as of today it is illegally in place since the lapse of its original sanction which required it to be re notified every six months, which means even if it is renotified now it would still be illegal since the stipulated period of renotification has lapsed. We, as Kashmiries and as democratic individuals appeal to all concerned citizens to sign this petition to revoke and repeal AFSPA to stop further human rights excesses and alienation of Kashmiries of the kind of Kanan Poshpora, Gaw Kadal, Shopian, Brijbehara and Handwara, where unarmed citizens have been repeatedly subjected to torture, innocent youth killed, school girls raped, old women and toddlers repeatedly subjected to bullets and pellets! We believe bullets and pellets don't speak the language of democracy and if legitimate peace has to be established in the valley Dark laws must go. Please sign and endorse.