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Bring Back Dust514

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Since May 30th 2016, Dust 514 has ceased to exist. It was one of the most expansive, complex and in-depth shooters to hit the market. It's playerbase was one of the most loyal ever seen. And to this day, many of its players still visit the forums to regularly vent their frustrations about not being able to play the game anymore. 

We would be willing to pay a monthly subscription as EVE players do already. We're willing to cut a deal with you Hilmar. Give us Dust back and we'll give you something you care more about than VR.......Money. 

We know CCP is currently working on Dust514's replacement, we do not care. We can't play the Dust replacement right now, and until you release it, you could be making extra revenue by booting up the Dust servers again.

Please, on behalf of all the neckbeards with a PS3 in their closet, give us our game back. 

If you would like to speak to us we can be found on the Dust514 forums, we can work out some form of pay to play deal there if necessary. I would suggest you have CCP Rattati handle the discussion with the players instead of yourself, we have built a very solid rapport with him over the past couple of years and he understands how to talk to us. 

Give us our game back Hilmar!

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