Shut Down Frankie's Childcare Home

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I found a home daycare in Brandon, got to know the couple that runs it, had a great feeling about them and their daycare. They were certified and licensed by Hillsborough County, the husband was retired Army, the wife a retired teacher, so I placed my son there. At the time he was 8 months old. Fast forward to 2018, recently. My son absolutely loves this place, he gets excited to go, he’s been with the kids his age since they were all younger, sometimes he even gets mad that I pick him up. Naturally they know his likes and dislikes, so even they know that he has an obsession with ritz crackers, so they make sure to keep some on hand, and most days they give him a couple to take along when I pick him up. About a month and a half ago I picked him up, and per usual he was eating his crackers. On our way home, he finished eating his crackers and I saw that his bottom lip was a little red and swollen. I called the daycare and asked what happened to his lip and why didn’t anyone tell me when I picked him up? An apology was given and I was told that my son jumped off the toddler table, which isn’t anything unusual for a boisterous little boy. I agreed to sign the incident report the following day. However, the next day when I went in, I was told he was running when he tripped and hit his lip on the table. The discrepancies in the story struck me as odd, but I let it go, after all they’ve been my son’s childcare provider for almost two years now. Fast forward to two weeks ago. I pick up my child, stop by the store and head to my parent’s house. Everything is seemingly normal, a regular day with a regular pickup. Until I changed my son’s diaper. Upon changing him, I found large marks that were dark in color and parallel on his bottom. Large bruises on both of his thighs that looked like he had been struck with some type of object. I was absolutely livid. So I called the daycare and asked if anything happened that day? I was told that nothing had happened that day. I asked my son and he named who hit him and correctly pointed the area out. The next morning before I went up to the daycare, I asked him again. Again he named who hit him and correctly pointed out the area. It took all of my self control to handle this matter in a professional manner, because my first instinct was to pop off. When I went in person I was told that no one knew where the marks had come from and claimed they hadn’t seen the marks. Upon voicing how angry I was in regards to the situation, I was fed some story about how my child got into a fight with another child over a toy. My child is two, and I verbalized that these were not marks consistent with two toddlers fighting. After that they insinuated that he got the marks from being at his father’s house that past weekend; mind you these marks were discovered on a Wednesday afternoon and I was at the daycare in person to discuss the situation on a Thursday morning, and these were most certainly not marks that were three or four days old. Not to mention there was nothing on him that Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning �. Nevertheless I handled the situation in the best possible manner when I left the facility, and I never sent my child back. Right away I contacted the abuse hotline, and was contacted by a caseworker from CPS. A report was filed with both them and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. It has been three weeks now and I feel like nothing is being done about the situation. I also feel like no one is paying attention to the fact that my son actually named who hit him because he is only two years old, despite the fact that he is indeed oriented to person/place and is a very intelligent child. In addition to that, last week my family was harassed by an unknown number claiming to be from the Sheriff's office demanding that my family tell me to "Call off whoever I sent". Furthermore, someone came forward to let us know that some years back her nephews (ages 2 and 3 at the time) had been inappropriately touched by the same man that my son named in hitting him, and were pulled out of this childcare facility. We were also informed that there were multiple accusations of similar sorts from multiple parents. I've handled this situation in the calmest manner possible despite my immense anger and hurt. However, I can't help but to think how many children who have gone there have encountered this, and how many continue to encounter it. I can't help but to wonder how many times my child or other children have been hit by these people, but no one knew because there were not marks to show it. I feel like no parent or child should have to go through this, it could truly mentally scar a child. That being said, i'm seeking out the help of the community to get action taken against this facility, and to ensure that these people do not hurt any other children!