Connect Kinnan Road and Mansfield Road in New Tampa, FL

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This road connection is needed for way too many, and very serious reasons. Some of the key reasons are listed below: (SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!)

Will provide Public Safety for fellow folks living in Kbar, Cross creek and surrounding-  There is currently only one way out of these subdivisions which is Kinnan to Bruce B Downs. It's a critical matter of safety, as right now if someone had to go to the hospital to receive critical emergency care,  it is a very long drive around to get there via Kinnan and Bruce B Downs, and that could mean a matter of life or death for someone living in Cross Creek/K-bar.

Will Speed up EMS transit time- It takes forever for emergency vehicles trying to get into Kbar and Cross Creek. Again, it could mean a matter of life or death for someone living in Cross Creek/K-bar.

Currently, the nearest hospital for any K-bar/Cross Creek resident is currently over 30 minutes away via Kinnan and Bruce B Downs Road.    A K-Bar resident was delayed critical treatment after being burned in a house fire.  When the 911 call went out, there was confusion as to which emergency unit was supposed to respond.  The closest unit couldn't get through because of the blockage between Kinnan and Kbar.  We do not need a fatality to occur because of the inability of emergency personnel to quickly respond and get a person to the nearest hospital.  

Will Fix the Only One Way Out situation- Kbar and Cross Creek area has grown a lot over the last few years and 1500 new houses are currently in the process of being built. There are so  many people and only a single way out of these communities. If anything( a natural disaster) was to happen, most people will be trapped. If in case anything happens (any disaster like a sinkhole etc) on the Bruce B Downs side of Kinnan,  and everyone north of it is trapped, with no other way out. Those who live in K-Bar have only one way in and one way out, and if an alternate way is not not created by connecting the Kinnan and Mansfield roads, it is clearly a disaster waiting to happen any-day, anytime.

Will provide Economic Prosperity- Pasco would not have the malls and hospital if it were not for the financial support from New Tampa.  The opening of Kinnan would give New Tampa patrons an alternate and quicker access to Pasco merchants, and vice verse.

Will provide Benefits to residents of both North and South Sides of the Roads- Hillsborough needs another exit going north, and Pasco needs an additional exit going south, especially in the event of an emergency or a natural disaster, as mentioned above.

Will provide for Shorter Commute for both sides- This connection will cut down on the long commute times esp. work related commute in the morning and evening, for folks working in either sides of this connection. 

Connecting Kinnan and Mansfield is clearly the way to go. The only requires a small (about 30 foot) stretch of new construction and will provide easy access to BBD via County Line Road, which is already 2 lanes in each direction.

Please show your support towards this sincere cause today! Surely, the Officials will also see this, and  understand the situation and urgent importance of connecting these two roads as soon as we can.

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