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Save Our Hedgehogs. Make Hedgehog Road Signs.

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Tens of thousands of hedgehogs are killed by road traffic each year and road deaths might be an important cause of decline.

Shockingly hedgehogs have declined in Britain as fast as tigers worldwide. In the early part of the last century, hedgehogs were
abundant throughout Britain, with an estimated
population of perhaps 30 million in the 1950s. By 1995,
the population was estimated to be only about
1.5 million (1.1M in England; 0.31M in Scotland; and 0.145M in Wales). Road casualties in the early 1990s and 2001 suggest that
numbers in some regions might have fallen by as much
as a half in that period.

With this petition i'm urging Highways England to make hedgehog signs and place them where necessary to prevent further hedgehogs suffering an agonising death from being run over and to prevent further decline.

I'm a huge hedgehog lover, i've researched them and found out how declined they are becoming, they need our help badly, they need to be protected.

To my delight when i moved into my new house last year i discovered i had one in my garden, i named him hoggy, i went out and bought hedgehog's favourite food, then another hedgehog arrived but sadly he didn't make it that night he got ran over and i discovered his body the next morning outside my house. I continued feeding the one that i had up until his hibernation months, i couldn't wait for his spring arrival to come, i had all his favourite food ready for him and then the other day to my horror another hedgehog was ran over outside my house!! I felt very sad, he had just woken up from his hibernation and was on the look out for his 1st lot of food and he didn't make it, it was such a sad moment for me when me and my partner picked his body up.

We need to protect them more,  they are not as common as the council lady said to me in an email when i asked for help.

If beware of hedgehog signs could be put up in areas where people say they have been spotted then cars etc could reduce their speed and be on the look out for our wonderful endangered hedgehogs.

Our future generation have to see hedgehogs alive, we cannot let them go extinct, a majority of children only see a squashed hedgehog on the road, it's sad all children should have a chance to see one alive.

We ALL have to live on this planet safely together and hedgehogs were here before cars and lorries etc and they now need drastically protecting.

Highways England have beware of Ducks and Frog signs, why not have Hedgehog signs??

Hedgehogs should not be excluded, they are declining rapidly.

We need 'Beware of Hedgehogs' signs where appropriate.

With the help of a few signatures, we can convince Highways England to make hedgehog signs. Our aim is to make sure hedgehogs will be around for furture generations to come and enjoy. 

Lets do this for the love of Hedgehogs

Kind regards 

Lisa shaw.

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