Stop Highways Agency knocking down historical Earl de Grey pub

Over 90% of Hull's buildings were lost in the blitz. Despite this, Hull has continued to demolish the historical buildings that miraculously survived. The Rank Hovis building is one of these, as were the historical pubs along Hessle Road that made way for the flyover. You should also see what was there before the Prospect Centre. Now, for the Castle Street development plans, the Earl de Grey pub which was built in the 18th Century, is due to be demolished. This is unnecessary. Alterations could be made to the existing plans to avoid this. 

The Earl de Grey is part of Hull's cultural heritage as a colourful inn for the seafaring community and landlubbers. It is the source of local legends including that of Cha Cha the parrot, and has a long history as a haven for diverse groups.

Hull is the City of Culture, and it needs its historical buildings. It has a terrible legacy of maintaining its architectural assets. Let's change that. 

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