Justice For Gee Smith

Justice For Gee Smith

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Justice For The Murder Of Gee Smith

please help us get Justice for the murder off Gee Smith. In just 36 seconds his killer Antony Wheaton Stabbed ‘Gee’ 6 times and left him for dead, before fleeing the crime scene. He claimed self defence and said Gee must of run into the knife whilst punching him. Despite all the CCTV and other evidence stacked against him, and the fact the knife used to inflict these injuries causing Gee’s death has never been found!! Gee had no defence wounds to to his arms or hands, nor did he have any bruising or marks on his knuckles to suggest he had even hit Anotony.

 Wheaton was acquitted of murder and Manslaughter on Friday 8th June of this year. He is now a free man.

Please sign this petition and share far and wide so Gee’s family can be heard and have justice for gee and have Antony Wheaton taken back to court for a retrial and be held responsible for his actions. 

This has destroyed a family into a million pieces, Nearly 8 Months on and still his poor family have no justice for a fantastic guy, who’s life was sadly shortened due to Antony Wheaton’s picking up a knife and cause a 10cm by 3cm Stab passing through his heart and punchering his lung. Gee needed open heart surgery there and then with a new heart to save his life just from 1 out of the 6 stabs that he inflicted upon Gee Smith on that Friday night...

 Let make a change for gee...




Anyone carrying an knife or bladed weapon causing harm or death in a public area without reasonable reason should not be allowed to use SELF DEFENCE as a defence!!! 


If a individual is in possession of a KNIFE and uses that KNIFE to harm another person, whether it be injury or death then that individual must be held accountable for their actions and receive a judicial sentence.


there has to be a difference between 

• an Intruder breaking into a home to hurt,sexually assault or rob someone.


•An altercation breaking out between two people, and someone picking up a knife to stab an UNARMED person, causing harm or death upon the other individual who was unarmed...



And all families should be able to appeal and challenge a jury’s verdict, Meaning we have the rights to appeal against the outcome



so so please please please share and sign if you disagree with this outcome. 


Thank you