Allow Ellie Yarrow-Sanders story to be published

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Allow the press to publish Ellie Yarrow-Sanders side of the ‘abduction of Olly’ story (see link below)

Now the identities of the family have been allowed to be made public, let the true story of why Ellie had no choice but to run for her and her sons safety, from the monster portrayed by the press as a doting father! Allow the press to print the letter that Ellie left for her family and the police and get the story from her families side!

Stop the lies and let the truth come out. Leave Ellie and Olly in peace, they have suffered enough!


There is a Go Fund Me page set up to help Ellie’s family with the increasing cost of the legal battle that they are facing. Money talks and we need to talk louder! Please if you can, please donate so we can get justice for Ellie and her family!