Stop killing stray cats & dogs in Dubai

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In a country of seemingly endless wealth, priding itself of The Best, The Greatest, The Fastest, The Most Expensive in so many categories, animals are very often treated as a commodity. For at least 10 - 15 years the situation of abandoned, neglected, abused and tortured animals, mostly cats and dogs, has been getting worse and worse. The burden of taking care of the stray animals was shouldered for  many years by an increasing number of private, volunteer run groups, organised by both, UAE nationals and expatriates. With very strict laws around fundraising and social media, the work of theses groups always was difficult, but essential for the wellbeing of the residential communities.

Now, in the middle of the corona crisis, with more foreign residents leaving the country, and even more pets being left behind due to financial strains, with less flight options to send adopted pets abroad to their new families, out of the blue, the government hast started a massive crack down on the volunteer run groups, and municipality is rounding up hundreds of animals, including registered pets and neutered strays, killing them within days.

We ask you to 

1. Stop the killing of captured pets and strays with immediate effect.

2. Reenable the volunteer rescue groups that recently had to shut down their operations due to hefty fines, let them continue their work towards the good of the community without legal repressions.

3. Build sufficient NO-KILL Shelters under veterinarian supervision and improve the adoption activities.

4. shut down ALL commercial pet shops and markets

5. Stop ALL commercial pet imports, permission only for private pet relocation