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Under the clause of Dangerous Dogs Act, on the morning of 21st of January, the UK police seized both our dogs - Tiger who is a 1 year old Canary Mastiff and Charlie, who is a 2 year old German Shepard. They have not hurt/bitten anybody, however under the legislation of the Dangerous Dog they were deemed to be “dangerously out of control”.

A complaint against Charlie was filed in August 2018 where a woman had claimed to have been bitten by him. However, this is far from true, this woman was flat-out lying in hopes to sue us for money but the police dropped the charges after the woman was unable to provide any sort of proof.

However, on the 21st of January, around half past 11, I came out of the house to see 5 police vans, over 15 police officers and two white vans had surrounded the property in the most intimidating manner. Upon inquiring, they told us that they're here to seize our dogs as there have been 'allegations’ made by the local people that they are dangerous.

Without any prior warning, they took the dogs away leaving us with a vague reasoning and telling us that an interview of our parents will be conducted soon, post which it will be decided if we get the dogs back, if the case will turn into a court case or 'destruction’ (yes that was the word used!) of dogs will take place.

Charlie and tiger are big but extremely sweet dogs. Whenever I watch television alone in the house, one of them always sits next to me to give me company. Whenever I go for a morning run, I always come back home and see them waiting for me. They're the most treasured part of our family and under this draconian law, they have been taken away from us. They will not tell us where they are being held and say we are not allowed to see them until this investigation is complete.

They are essentially pet dogs who are very protective, but are also extremely homely. They have never harmed any living being and they never will. However, just because they barked at a few people during their morning walks (I mean they are dogs, they will bark), they are now considered dangerous, which is absolutely ridiculous.

My family is extremely distressed and I'm sharing this ordeal to ask for help, please sign our petition so we can bring our babies back home to us. 

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