Service Veteran's and the Wounds that are Invisible

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 The Hidden Truth   The news of Danny's story has shocked, and brought home how many Veterans take their lives due to this horrid illness that controls their lives 

The investigation by Johnston Press, which owns The News, revealed that since January there have been 16 veteran suicides, including five former Royal Marines and two members of the UK special forces.Yet out of the 98 coroners in England and Wales, and their equivalents in Scotland and Northern Ireland just one was able to provide data on the number of veterans who have taken their lives since 2015. The vast majority said they were unable to provide meaningful data or did not reply.The figures mean that ex-servicemen and women are killing themselves at a rate of one every 11 days. During the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014 the rate of British fatalities due to enemy action was one death every 14 days.

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We  will Lobby for Changes, We will not give up 

  • more support for families of service men and women when they are in civilian street
  • more support for service men and women whilst serving encouraging them to talk
  •  GPS should have more details of a service man/woman’s service history 
  • faster hospital appointments ( it can take 6 weeks)
  • improvement on the mental health support ex services receive 
  • more awareness when an ex service man or woman is reported missing 

Heroic Danny Johnston Served in war zones across the Middle East with one of Britons Elite Military Units, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, sister squad of the SAS,

Danny Served the country he loved with Fierce Pride, but fighting behind enemy lines against terrorist  groups dodging death, watching comrades die left Danny traumatised and he left the forces, 

yet despite putting his life on the line for his nation, Danny received no after help, His mum knew Danny was troubled but the extent of the wounds that are so invisible as  these demons are not talked about, how could she know how deep they ran. Viv did her all for Danny but he never discussed the mental suffering he was enduring, with no support from the people that should care did not and this heroic man who had so much time for others whether he knew them or not went missing from home on 20/05/2018, Danny's body was found just three days later, he had taken his life, Danny's story of being missing trended on social media  family friends comrades strangers where left numb, Danny had the hearts of the uk and beyond, Danny gave his all and should never of died alone, he deserved to be with the family that adores him the system let him down  please make a difference, if Viv manages to save just one life by asking for these change, what an amazing legacy would that be for her son Please Help Me help get those changes that our service and ex service personal need,   Kat